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Lose Weight by Planning Your Meals in Advance

by Ramon Henson on April 6, 2014

Depending on whom you ask, most people will tell you that losing weight can be difficult. While the act of losing weight itself is not particularly challenging, there is a challenge inherent in all the steps one must take in order to lose the weight and keep it from coming back. There are numerous ways people claim are surefire methods to lose weight. However, we are all different, and what works for some of us may not work for others. One thing that will work for just about everyone, though, is learning how to plan your meals in advance to not only help you lose weight, but to also save you time and money.

Losing Weight Involves Routine


“Follow a simple weight loss routine like this”

How often have you eaten something from a fast food restaurant and felt sluggish afterward? Or maybe you recently checked your bank account and found yourself wondering where so much of your money is going. While combo meals from popular chains do not seem extremely expensive when you are purchasing them, if you are eating fast food every day, the amount you are spending on those meals quickly begins to add up.

The reason fast food is so popular is because it offers the convenience of a prepared meal. Since many of us are stretched for time, we want something that we can eat quickly. The problem with fast food is that it is loaded with calories, sugars, and fat. This means that your body takes longer to digest the foods you have eaten, and you end up gaining weight. If you happen to work a job that requires you to sit down several hours out the day, you may have a metabolism that is slower than people who have jobs that require them to move around often. Having a slower metabolism and eating foods with high sugar and fat content will quickly add pounds to your body.


“Lose weight by keeping a regular working out schedule”

But even busy people can still quickly shed afew pounds. All it really takes is some planning so that you are never forced to make a choice between eating fast food or sacrificing breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The first thing you need to do is dedicate some time out of your day to planning your meals in advance. How you decide to plan your meals depends on you. If you want something short-term, you can choose to plan your meals for a few days or a week in advance. However, if you prefer something a little longer, you can opt for planning your meals a month in advance.

Because your goal is to quickly shed a few pounds, you want to make sure that the foods that are going into your daily meals are healthy. Take some time to research the nutritional values of the food that you are going to eat. Once you have figured that out, you want to make sure you have acquired the foods for your meals at least a few days in advance. For instance, if you have chosen to have spaghettion Tuesday, grilled chicken and mixed vegetables on Wednesday, and a baked tuna salad on Thursday, make sure you have all of these ingredients by Monday night. Having the items and ingredients you need in advance eliminates any instances where you do not feel like going out to the grocery store. When you do not have the items you need and do not feel like going out, you end up eating whatever is quick and available to you.

Another thing you can do is write down your meals on a calendar. You can use a typical paper calendar or a computerized calendar. It is good to be able to refer back to what meals you have planned ahead and ones you have already made. This will help you plan for future meals as well. If possible, you may also want to add in snacks or beverages, while still making sure to refer to their nutritional value.

Prepare Meals That Work Well for Your Body


“Eat a meal high in carbohydrates”

When you want to quickly shed a few pounds, you’re going to have to decrease carbohydrates and sugars and increase fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits generally have lower calories than carbohydrate-heavy foods like baked potatoes and bread. While you are not required to completely eliminate these food items from your diet, you can choose to eat them in moderation or to substitute them for something else. For example, you can eat a baked sweet potato instead of a white potato, or you can eat whole grain wheat bread instead of white bread. Because you are cooking the meals yourself, there are countless ways you can prepare your meals that will be healthier for your body.

Another great option for you when it comes to planning your meals in advance is to search for various types of supplements that can increase your metabolism and help you to burn fat. Fat burners come in several different forms. From tea to pills such as SlimQuick, these fat burners give your metabolism the extra boost it needs to help you burn fat even while you are sitting down. When you take a fat burner in addition to making healthier eating choices, you may start to notice that you have extra energy that you typically wouldn’t have if your body is weighed down by greasy and fattening foods. You should check the Slimquick rating and learn Can SlimQuick Slim You Quick? Read Our Review for the Real Scoop. Also, find out is it safe for you or not.

Don’t Forget to Move Around


“Keep a regular cardio workout routine”

While fat burners like SlimQuick are great to help you lose weight, you should not completely rely on them to do all the work for you. While you will definitely lose weight by making better eating choices and taking fat burners, you will still be required to exercise if you want to see the pounds shedding off at a noticeable rate.

If you are able to join a gym, or if you are already a member of a gym, that is great. Simple, low impact gym equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, and stationary bikes can be great for cardio exercise and for burning fat. If you cannot afford to sign up for a gym membership or do not have the time to add visiting one into your daily schedule, there are numerous exercises you can do at home.

Sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and jogging in place are great to get your heart pumping and for strengthening your muscles. If you can spare at least thirty minutes a day, you can try walking around your neighborhood. Walking is a great way to burn fat. It also helps tone your muscles and works to reduce stress.

In fact, all exercising helps reduce mental stress. The next time you are feeling stressed out, instead of reaching for sugary foods such as ice cream, take a brief walk. Both sugar and exercise help to release serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a chemical that deals with your mood. When your serotonin levels are raised, you experience happiness, which means that when you walk instead of eating ice cream, not only will you feel less stressed, you will also be burning fat.

It may be difficult to start the process of planning your meals, especially if you are used to grabbing food on the go. But do not give up. If planning a week or month in advance is too much for you, try to start with just a day or two. Soon you will see that it is not as difficult as you had previously thought.

Cam Site Industry Confidential: How The Industry Operates

by Ramon Henson on March 10, 2014

“Setting up a live cam site requires effort and planning”

“Setting up a live cam site requires effort and planning”

When you take a look at the top 10 cam sites out there you’ll notice that they do many interesting things to get money. After all, it’s important to see just how these places are actually able to get money for whatever it is they are trying to do. That’s why it might be a good idea to take a closer look at just how the cam site industry operates. This is interesting as it relates so heavily to the ways how the industry can take in money and get the people who work on these sites paid off for all of their services.

Many of these sites are going to particularly work harder than others when getting set up. The process for finding women can particularly be used with an exact science to get the right ones hired for a particular event.

How Does a Site Get Set Up?

The ways how the top 10 cam sites are set up involve the use of general hosting procedures. However, the cost of getting a hosting process set up can be very expensive. That’s because a cam site will require a larger amount of disk space and more bandwidth to use. After all, a site is going to use high-definition images to get its materials displayed as well as possible.

A typical site might have to pay close to a hundred dollars a month just to get it hosted. The fact that it might have to pay more to reserve a .xxx domain name only makes it harder considering how this domain name might be required for such a site with an adult theme attached to it. The process for setting up a site like this is a little more expensive simply because it can entail so many concerns over the adult subject matter that comes with getting a particular site up and running. It is a real burden but it is one that is often taken for granted when trying to get a site up and running.

Finding the Right Women is Tough

“It is imperative to get the right woman for the job”

“It is imperative to get the right woman for the job”

Many people will work hard to get the right women for these sites but the ways how they can do this can be a real challenge for some. The top 10 cam sites are relatively alike in that they tend to hire women who have some kind of experience in getting into adult situations. They like to look for women who have acted in adult films first and foremost just to find people who might be of use to them.

However, some of these sites will go as far as to find women from Eastern Europe to have on their site. That’s because they are often willing to work for less money. The poor nature of many Eastern European countries makes it easier for many of these cam sites to take advantage of women from these places because they know it will be easy for these women to be targeted in some way. You should read the reviews of the best sites with live cams here -We Review The Best Live Cam Sites Online: Legit & Scam Sites Exposed!. You can find the top live cam sites here exclusively reviewed by us. These reviews would help you avoid the scam sites and make the right choice.

How is the Money Charged?

“Any currency could be chosen for payment option”

“Any currency could be chosen for payment option”

The ways how websites operate can be relatively interesting. Many of these websites will operate to where they will charge people American dollars just to get online. Although says that only about 12% of all money that is spent worldwide on porn is spent by people within the United States, the totals that come with getting into the industry are still relatively high. This is an interesting part of what happens on these sites because it relates so heavily to how easy it is to charge people with this currency. After all, the American dollar is frequently used on many international sites including online casinos. The British pound and Euro may also be found on some sites but that’s a completely optional point.

How is the Money Paid Out?

“One can expect a good payout in this industry”

“One can expect a good payout in this industry”

The way how the people who perform on these sites are paid out will be a completely different story and worth reviewing. Many of the women, who work on these sites and show themselves, are paid in foreign currencies. This is especially the case with women from certain countries that are poorer than others.

The fact is that it is often easy for many women to be found in countries where the standards for getting money are very different. For example, one American dollar could be exchanged for about thirty Russian rubles. This is interesting but at the same time it might prove itself to be particularly valuable for the people who operate a site as the site can adjust what it pays to where it gives out fewer rubles to a Russian model, thus making it easier for a model to be paid according to what one might expect to get out of one’s country.

The Russian example is a very good sign of how this works. It’s estimated by the OECD Better Life Index site that the average household in Russia makes a total of about $15,200 USD a year. This is equal to about half a million rubles in a single year. Therefore, a website could technically pay a model an appropriate amount of money based on the average cost of living in Russia. This means that a web cam site will not only want to pay models in foreign currencies but will also want to hire models whom are from countries where the cost of living is relatively low and the salaries that people get are just as low.

Finding Women in Countries Where Jobs are Scarce

“Choosing women, who are in dire need of a Job”

“Choosing women, who are in dire need of a Job”

Another secret point about how the top 10 cam sites operate comes from how they tend to find women who are from countries where unemployment rates are high and the women are willing to go online and expose themselves just so they could get money. It’s a troubling fact but it is one that shows just how much of a need some women might have when trying to get money.

A good example of this can come from trying to find women who are from Serbia. It’s estimated by the Statistical Office of Serbia that about 22% of the country’s population is unemployed as of the later part of 2012. This could particularly be the case for women in a society where the men are often the breadwinners in their households. This only makes it harder for women to find jobs. Therefore, many cam sites are willing to target women from countries like Serbia where the prospects for women to find jobs might not be as good as what one might hope. The burden is clear but it is one that must be observed.

It’s always a good idea to see how cam sites can operate but it’s especially important to think about how some very specific functions might work when getting into the industry. The challenges that come with trying to get women can be prominent as are the challenges with actually getting certain websites up and running for getting women to show their stuff. The challenges are there and certainly have to be factored into the process when finding people who are willing to go online and do their things for people who want to see things. The fact that some sites are willing to go overseas just to find the women than they want to hire for entertainment purposes only adds to the challenges and other interesting points that come with getting such women to show up on these sites.

Avoiding the Creeper Trap

by Ramon Henson on March 10, 2014


“Avoid being a creep in online dating”

You’re trying to meet a woman online, happen to see your dream come true in the supermarket or are trying out one of the newest dating fads, but not one of these things seem to be working out for you. Before you start doubting yourself or your looks, you might want to consider your actions instead. A girl’s mother lectures her daughter from day one on what behavior she should watch out for in the other gender and these lectures stick with her throughout her whole life. She might even add a few of her own rules due to bad previous experiences or from horror stories told by friends. By now, nabbing a date with her, let alone a second one, will sound like an obstacle course. But it really doesn’t have to be. Although, a generalization is pretty much impossible just like you’re very unlikely to be attracted to the exact same type of woman as your best buddy. So, be at your best behavior and win her heart.
If you want to know more about websites to meet women, check our results; we have rated the sites for meeting women and found out which are the best. Now, meet women online easily but there are still some things that women of all walks of life will be wary of.

Respect her privacy


“Let the girl have her privacy”

Even if you feel like you’ve known each other forever because you met this woman of your dreams online and have been talking to her every day, you still don’t personally know each other until you meet. It will feel like she doesn’t trust you when she doesn’t let you pick her up from her home and yes, that hurts. You want to prove to her that you’re not one of those guys who will abuse the privilege she’s giving you. But look at it from her side. Possibly, she’s heard of cases of men pretending to be someone they’re not or becoming overly obsessive to the point that they start stalking their love interest. In the worst case, she may have even made a bad experience previous to meeting you. If you want to have the benefit of doubt, don’t push her when she is unwilling to give you her address or any other private information. Meet with her in a public place to let her feel safe and give her the time to judge you for herself. Maybe at the end of the date, she’ll let you drive her home.

Don’t be too touchy


“Keep your hands and lips to yourself”

Especially if you’re meeting with a woman you got to know online, the wrong kind of touching can ruin all sympathy you may have previously established via chat. A lot of dating tips include the idea that touching indicates interest. While that is indeed true, none of them mention which type of touching will signal to your date that you are attracted to her and which will make her feel like that new car you’d really like to buy. When you’re greeting each other, let her take the initiative. Some women prefer a handshake; others will hug you and kiss you on both cheeks. From here, you can roughly judge what type of woman she is. If she’s partial to the handshake, then she’s very unlikely to appreciate it if you put your arm around her when you’re leading her somewhere. You might also be surprised to hear that certain parts of a woman’s body are just as sensitive, if not even more, as the classical areas. Some have a very sensitive back and placing your hand on the middle of her back to gently steer her in front of you in a crowd will be like grabbing her breasts to her. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t touch her at all – just give her the possibility to allow or deny contact. Should she deny you several times throughout the date and stop initiating contact of her own, back off. She’s not interested and if you don’t get her message, you’re very likely to find yourself soaked with her drink.

Try not to mistake denial for coyness


“Understand a woman’s denial and control yourself”

It’s admittedly a bad habit of many women to not say no outright and thus give you the feeling of being led on when they suddenly don’t want to meet again. It’s easier if you’ve met your woman online as she won’t have to see your face when she denies you something, but some might still feel uncomfortable. Women, who’ve had a very classic childhood where they learn that they should always be kind and courteous, so that they don’t offend anyone, have become a bit rarer, but they do still exist. Others will take their cue from movies, books and other kinds of media. In the end, you might suggest something they find unpleasant, such as going dancing when they’re really not the type for crowds, and they will try and say no in some round-about way. To you, it will look like they’re playing coy and you’ll try pushing a bit more, since they don’t really mean that no, in your eyes. However, there is one key difference between a woman playing coy and one who’s feeling uncomfortable and is trying to tell you without hurting your feelings. If she’s playing coy, she’ll still look at you and smile, perhaps she’ll even look a bit playful. On the other hand, if she’s feeling insecure, she’ll avoid looking at you, try to put some distance between you and you’ll find that the conversation feels like it’s forced. Save the situation by asking her if she has a preference. Should she answer with being okay with what you choose or that she doesn’t care, don’t take that as a free for all invitation. It could also mean that she’s not interested in anything more and just wants to get the whole date over with.

Don’t manipulate her feelings against her

Since you’re going out on a date, chances are that she at least considers you to be a nice enough guy whom she doesn’t want to hurt. Of course, on the long run you don’t want to be the nice guy she really wishes another man to be, but it’s a good starting point. After all, you have to at least like someone before you can fall in love with them, despite some fiction claiming that a love hate relationship is absolutely realistic and far more passionate than the norm. This point ties in with the previous one. When she tells you no and really does mean no, don’t try persuading her otherwise by begging or asking her to do it for you. Albeit liking you and so being afraid to hurt you, that behavior will make you look incredibly childish in her eyes and it’s a minor form of blackmail, which she really won’t appreciate, especially not on a first date. If she wanted to have a child, she’d have one. Besides giving off the vibe of a whiny little kid, she’ll come to her own conclusions based off of your act. She’ll consider you to be someone used to having their way without consideration for the feelings of others and that would include her if she agrees to be part of your life. A woman may be many things, but a doormat is the last thing she’d want to be, even if she has trouble using her elbows when necessary.
In summation, treat her like a human being with feelings, fears and beliefs, which you respect. If you have trouble understanding her and her motivations, tell her that you’re not quite sure, but don’t want to offend or hurt her. She won’t think you’re weak. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

15 Dating Tactics That Guarantee You’ll Fail On Online Personals Websites

by Ramon Henson on January 30, 2014


“Avoid a failed date”

There’s nothing greater than a relationship that will endure forever. But the problem with this is that it doesn’t happen to most people; some don’t even get the chance to find a relationship. That’s why people date a lot of people online, constantly trying to search after one failed date after another. What they fail to realize is that there must be something wrong with their tactics, which always lead to failed dates and relationships. Here are 15 dating tactics to watch out for that’ll guarantee you’ll fail on online personals website.

Having an Exact Criteria for the Perfect Person


“Throw away the list of things you want in a guy”

It’s good to have criteria for the one you’re looking for. You may have in your mind the traits and characteristics of the partner you want to live for the rest of your life. The problem lies on the fact that you stick religiously to your list, brushing off people who don’t meet your criteria. Realize that the chances of meeting the perfect person are slim, so do not keep a long list of it.

Ignoring Becoming a Better Roommate

It is not enough to assume that everyone will like you. It is worse to think that you shouldn’t do anything about it. Making you a good roommate, while having none is a good practice. Never assume that you don’t have to improve your flaws for your future partner to like you. It wouldn’t hurt to change bad habits slowly before it gets worse.

Abstain from Compromising in Relationships


“You don’t always have to compromise”

Every once in a while partners of a relationship need to compromise. They should give in occasionally to the demands of each other, and this should hurt even how little it may seem. If you feel that you can’t compromise even the tiniest detail, then maybe you’re not ready yet for a serious relationship. You should be prepared to accept the realities of compromising for a stable relationship.

The Harsh Critic in You

People make the mistake of being a harsh critic in relationships. Just because a relationship has lasted long enough to know each other much better doesn’t give you the right to become a critic all of a sudden. And the worst part is people become a critic even though the relationship hasn’t even started! Be mindful of what you say in personal and offline for this will truly affect your relationships.

Ignoring Your Dangerous Vices

Doing nothing about your addictions may seem harmless at first. After all, your date and future partner should accept you for who you are, right? Well, not always the case. Whether it is gambling, smoking or alcohol addictions could hinder a good relationship should never be brought up during dates. And if you’re not in a relationship yet, it can be a good time to decrease destructive vices.

Being Overly Honest about Rude Things

Being honest in a relationship is good. Relationship experts around the world agree that honesty takes relationships far. But that doesn’t mean every date you encounter, you’d have to be brutally honest. You must learn some online personals dating strategy and the basic tactics for online personals websites. If you follow online personals manual, you are sure to find the right person for you. You can learn all about honesty as well. You should know that dates always fail because people make the mistake of being honest by being rude. Once a person draws a line between being honest and being rude, the person learns to avoid the behavior most relationships dread.

Closing Your Mind to What They Say

A lot of relationships fail because from the moment you and your partner had your first date; neither party has listened to what the both of them have to say. Whether it is subtle cues or outright statements, you should always listen to what your dates have to say. Many people only hear what they want to hear, and this should not be the case.

Playing the Waiting Game


“Don’t be desperate, have some patience”

You may wait for your whole life for a relationship to come busting down your door. Good relationships however, won’t even bother knocking. People make the common mistake of waiting for dates come to them, and expecting a good relationship to come with it. If you want to have a successful date and relationship, find one yourself and don’t expect it to come to you instead.

Dating Without Thinking Who You Can Attract

Dating without minding what you look and who you attract is unacceptable. Always remember that dates require you to have a good impression. Be mindful of your own appearance, and to what kind of people can you attract. It may be true that you can attract anyone you want, but it can also be helpful to know and date people who you think you can attract effectively.

Close Your Doors to the Same Types of People

If you have a number of bad relationships in the past; it is not good to keep track of the kinds of people you’ve had a bad experience with. Do not assume that every type of people is the same, and always be mindful that people are unique in their own little ways. It is not good to assume that the next date with a college student you’ll be having will be the same as your past bad relationship with a college student.

Appearing Needy and Desperate for Dates

People who often date make the common mistake of being available always for a date. This is because it often tells people the wrong way that people who date need one for the sake of it. What happens then is a loss of sensual attractiveness that cannot be explained by experts. This should be eliminated from your list of tactics for online personals website, as there are many more effective ways to accept dates. The solution however is simple: be spontaneous but don’t make yourself too much available.

Being Passionate about Weird Things

It may seem nice to introduce your passion to your date, but be warned: people attend to this in different ways. If you happen to see your date being confused or frightened while explaining your latest comic book collection, you might want to change your strategy once in a while. When meeting dates online, this should be eliminated from your tactics for online personals website.

Not Taking Your Looks Seriously

The myth that your soul mate will accept you no matter what you dress has been busted since time immemorial. It is always important to look good on dates, and appearance does matter very much. Who would want to go out with someone who hasn’t had the slightest attraction in them? It may be good to invest a little time to make yourself look good.

Being Reactive to Past Relationship Failures


“Stop reacting to past failed relationships”

Relationships are a two-way process; partners should give and take. Refusing to accept responsibility and blame for your past relationships is never helpful. Learn to accept that not all relationships end up a happy ending, and part of it is to blame for us. Learn more about tactics for online personals website through your past relationships.

Advocating Gender Stigmas and Stereotypes

People make the common mistake of entertaining biases and stereotypes based on their sex. Not all girls are after for your money, and not all boys are after for sex. If you have this kind of mindset, you’ll be sending bad vibes to people who you date, and you may subconsciously tell this to your dates.
Always remember that these tactics should be avoided when it comes to dating or in online personals website. And it won’t hurt to improve yourself, as it is never too late to change your ways to attract a good date and a great relationship.

Protecting Yourself on Amazon KPD

by Ramon Henson on January 30, 2014


“Make your book a success on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing”

Both Chicago Now and the New York Times described self publishing as being something of a wild west. It’s an area that is evolving even now, and many of the rules have yet to be set in place. Chicago Now admits that this is not an area for the faint of heart, at least not if you want to succeed in your self-publishing goals. But it also offers incredible opportunities for those who are willing to learn the ropes.
In researching the self publishing world options, you’ll likely run across Lulu and Amazon KDP reviews. Forbes listed Amazon KDP as being one of the most powerful eBook publishing opportunities available for independent authors. While it has numerous tools for developing the authors’ fan base, Amazon KDP is at its heart a business. It will not help you to succeed or keep you from making mistakes, but it will give you the opportunity to succeed. So, if you want to know more about Kindle Direct Publishing, visit You must check the Amazon KDP review before approaching it. Here are some things you need to bear in mind to protect yourself on Amazon KDP.

The Amazon KDP Increases Your Profile on Amazon


“The Amazon KDP program increases your visibility on the internet”

As your mind suspect after reviewing Amazon KDP reviews, Amazon gives preference to authors who participate in the Amazon KDP program. They have a set of requirements that you must fulfill to achieve this status, including exclusive rights for 90 days. Once you sign up for the program, Amazon increases your presence, making it easier for readers to find you when they know what they’re looking for.
However, this increase does not mean that you will increase in popularity. Before you sign up for the Amazon KDP, you must make sure that the book is in the best condition possible. You should not leave any task unfinished. You cannot start again unless you obtain a new ISBN code. Don’t ruin your reputation by promoting a poorly written book. It’s hard enough to get good reviews initially when you’re a good writer.

Amazon KPD Does Not Necessarily Increase Your Discoverability


“Amazon KDP program will not make you famous”

One thing that you must realize in considering the Amazon KDP review is the fact that Amazon KDP does not necessarily increase your discoverability. Discoverability and visibility are two distinct classifications. Visibility is your reader’s ability to find you when she knows what she’s looking for. In other words, she can search under author name or within a particular category and your book will be easier to find. Discoverability relates to the reader’s ability to find you when she doesn’t know about your work.
To protect your work, you must make sure that your novel has been formatted properly and put into the proper categories. A number of authors have unintentionally placed their books in the wrong categories, and sometimes the problem goes back to Amazon. Amazon can make mistakes. You need to regularly check to see where your eBook ranks in the general categories as well as in various general searches. The only way to protect yourself in this regard is to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.


“Amazon gives you an option to make your eBook downloadable for free”

Bear in mind that the only thing that Amazon KDP does during the promotional period is allow people to download your book for free. They do not do anything else to help you promote it. It’s up to you to drive the traffic to Amazon and to get people to download it.
You will need to use a number of different methods to increase your discoverability and make the most of the promotional period. Make sure that you have a website as well as an active social media presence. If you can maintain it, then set up a blog. Participate in guest blogs and promote your work in all areas that you can. You may also find it beneficial to set up interviews with local newspapers and radio networks. By associating your name with the genre, you help to increase your profile as well as your discoverability.

Amazon KDP Generally Increases the In Sales Rates as Well as Borrows


“Amazon gives you more viewers and more customers”

Because of the exclusivity that Amazon requires for the first 90 days, most Amazon KDP writers see a sharp increase in their in sales rates as well as in the number of times the eBook is borrowed. However, as with the visibility, you must remember that this does not guarantee your success. The general stats just reflect the fact that most books do see an increase, but it is not a guarantee.
The primary way that Amazon KDP accomplishes this, in addition to increasing your visibility, is by having promotional periods. During these promotional periods, you can offer your book for free to those who have the Kindle application. To protect yourself and make the most of these opportunities, coordinate your own marketing efforts with the promotional periods. Make sure that your readers know when they can get it for free. This may seem counterintuitive, but giving away the book makes it more likely that you will make more sales. It increases your total stats on Amazon, further increasing your visibility. In the long run, giving away free copies of your eBook helps you to make more sales and increase the effectiveness of your brand.

Amazon KDP Generally Results in an Increase in Reviews


“Your eBook is sure to get more reviews through Amazon KDP”

The increase in reviews may be both good and bad. One of the growing scams that have been affecting the publishing world is the increase in purchased reviews and false reviews. Many self published authors feel desperate to get reviews, and so they purchase reviews from sites like Fiverr and Craigslist. The practice of purchasing reviews is somewhat debatable, but it is not necessarily unethical if the reviewer actually reads the book and writes a true review. Such reviews are generally considered as having less value, even when the reader has read the book and posted an honest review.
However, the increase in false reviews has made purchased reviews even less legitimate. A number of authors have determined that the best way to make their books stand out is to trash all of the competition, and so they purchase one star reviews to be posted against their competition. According to the New York Times, the majority of reviews on Amazon could be false reviews. The Times describes it as a core that goes right to the heart of Amazon, and Amazon has made statements indicating its intention to deal with these reviews. False reviews can be stricken and removed, regardless of whether positive or negative. Lobbyists have been petition the FTC for similar restrictions on purchased reviews as on affiliate marketing promoters, requiring that individuals disclose the fact that they were paid to make the review or promote the product.

You must monitor your reviews. Despite the temptation, do not purchase reviews unless your reviewers disclose that the reviews were purchased. If you believe that some of the harsh and negative reviews are false, and then contact customer service at Amazon KDP. According to a number of Amazon KDP reviews, Amazon’s willingness to remove such reviews depends on the proof you can offer. Be sure to note whether it’s obvious that the book has not been read and that the review does not relate to the book or whether someone has threatened your book’s success.

The Power of Exclusivity and Scarcity in an Online Training Platform

by Ramon Henson on January 7, 2014

Most of the time, you probably don’t think about marketing your online training platform through methods such as scarcity marketing. In general, scarcity marketing and exclusivity marketing focus on more tangible products. But the basic premises behind both of these can be used to increase the perceived value of courses in an online training platform.

The Exclusive Offer


“Lure them in with exclusive offers”

According to “The Power of Group and Exclusivity,” most people have a fundamental desire to belong to a group and to know that they are is in some way special or unique. The kinds of groups and organizations that they affiliate themselves with all serve to some extent to fulfill that role. When you offer a course that is exclusive and not available to everyone, then you tap into that desire to be one of the special individuals for whom that course is available.
In the American Writers’ and Illustrators’ Association’s Copywriter 2.0 Course, beginning copywriters must analyze and copy a series of the world’s most successful advertisements and promotional letters. One of these letters includes an American Express Card sales letter that starts off with the statement that “this card is not for everyone.” During this sales letter’s lifetime, it returned more positive responses than any others because almost everyone wanted to make sure that they were one of the select few who could qualify for that offer.
The exclusive offer tends to work best when you follow an invitation strategy. Don’t just use a generic form letter, and avoid posting a generic sign up request on your social media platforms. Otherwise, you’ll undercut the premise. If you want to create some hype about the course and the online training platform you’re using allows you to control the number of students and even the actual students who sign up for your course, then go ahead and say that only a few can get into your course. Otherwise, take the time to develop an exclusive letter of invitation. Send this out to targeted customers, and make sure to explain why they fall within that exclusive category. The other thing that the American Express Card sales letter did well was to articulate the multiple reasons why the letter’s recipient qualified for this exclusive offer.
To further increase the effectiveness of your exclusive advertising, make sure that the pages relating to your information course state that it is an exclusive course. You can either set it up so that potential students can petition to demonstrate that they qualify for this exclusive offer, or you can indicate certain opening times when the general public will be allowed access to this information. Setting it up so that the students can contact you to demonstrate why they want the course and how they qualify can ensure you get a significantly more targeted customer stream. Just make sure to back up the course description with credentials, qualifications, and anything else that will increase the perceived value. While many potential students will want to be in almost anything that isn’t open to the general public, you must still make sure that you give a great sales pitch to make them feel like they’re missing out.

The Limited Number of Openings


“Scarcity creates demands”

According to “Scarcity Marketing: Use the Fear of Shortage to Sell More,” scarcity marketing can be used in almost any marketing industry. Obviously, playing on deep-rooted fears is not the best idea for most online courses. Instead, you can play off the fact that your course has only a limited number of openings and those openings are going quickly.
You may find it effective to combine the exclusive marketing style with a limited number of general openings. In this way, individuals who otherwise might not qualify for exclusive access to the site might still be able to get in if they act quickly enough and snack one of the limited openings for general students. Be cautious with advertisements that focus just on the numbers. You might unintentionally start sounding like a used car salesman. Instead, insert the fact that the content is only open to a limited number of individuals at the end or in the middle of promotional sentence. Act as if it’s not that big of a deal.
Be cautious about using scarcity marketing based on fear. People don’t like having negative emotions developed through a marketing strategy, and while it may create an initial response, it may also make them avoid your product or courses in the future. Playing off the fears that they will not have the skills taught in your course may not be a good idea. Creating the added pressure through a limited number of potential openings generally doesn’t create as negative is fear. Always make sure that you include information on the next time students can sign up. Otherwise, you run the risk of potential customers assuming that they missed it and it was only a one time deal.

Creating Increased Apparent Value


“Make sure that your product is worth it”

When using either exclusive marketing or scarcity marketing, you need to make sure that the product itself looks like its well worth the added fuss. You can accomplish this through a number of methods including providing variety in the resources given and the bonus materials offer. Compare the courses you’re offering with courses your competitors are offering. Look for ways that you can differentiate yourself and further increase the value.

The Dual System

In some cases, you may find it beneficial to run a dual system for your online training platforms. Basically, you would have certain higher-quality courses that you use both exclusivity and scarcity marketing tactics. A number of effective online training groups use methods like this. But to make sure that you don’t lose any of your potential customers, you can include a link to a separate online course that is open to the general public but covers similar subject matter.
Obviously, this secondary course should not be exactly the same, but it should satisfy a number of the basic reasons that your customers were coming to the site in the first place. It should also be less expensive than the exclusive course. People just expect exclusivity and a limited option to be more expensive. To make the secondary course more manageable, you may even make it a completely independent course with little to no feedback or communication between the students and the teacher. Just make sure that the high quality course with the exclusivity option does include significant interaction. Interaction between the students and the teachers significantly increases the perceived value of the course.

Everyone Wants the Secret


“Know the secrets of marketing”

When promoting these types of sites, remember to tap into natural curiosity. Everybody wants to know the secrets of the various fields and interests. If you can find a way to incite people’s curiosity and convince them that you alone have the answers, you’ll drastically increase your sales responses. Just make sure that you can actually deliver on the secrets. Don’t copy and paste information from forums off a basic Google search page. Otherwise, the only secret your customers will leave with is the fact that your courses aren’t worth the cost. Now, you must be wondering what platform is the top one for your online course. Check out these Software to Create the Most Effective, Best Online Training Tools. These are one of the best online training platforms that you can use to promote and establish your product.

Apple Has A Competitor In The Form Of MS Surface

by Ramon Henson on October 4, 2013

It is very hard to choose between Microsoft surface and apple iPad. However, there are a few points that one can consider prior to purchasing any of the two technologically advanced products.

a.) The most astonishing thing about surface is its design. Microsoft Surface is better than 80% of the tablets because of its beautifully crafted black metal body. On the other hand, apple iPad comes with a delicate aluminium casing. The landscape mode in surface provides you a wider view because of the large screen. However, you may find the portrait mode a little vague due to the inappropriate orientation. Surface is also heavier than its counterpart iPad. Even though the difference in weight is very small, you can still notice it very easily.

b.) Surface display doesn’t come equipped with the retina technology, which makes video or picture viewing a better experience. The difference in pixels cannot be observed with normal vision, but you can easily figure out the difference if you observe apple iPad and Microsoft surface display simultaneously. You can detect the pixels while browsing on internet or reading an e-book. This is where apple iPad scores high when compared to Microsoft surface.

c.) Surface gives you an option of expanding the features with the help of an impressive kickstand. The additional slot comes out easily and helps to keep the surface stable while working on a presentation or watching a video. This facility is not available in iPad. You have to use the conventional USB port for charging your device or operating an additional SD Card.

Microsoft Surface Pro review

Microsoft Surface Pro review

d.) Another interesting thing about Microsoft surface is the availability of a Keyboard, which can also be used as a cover. However, it is very delicate and doesn’t allow you to exert high pressure on the keys while typing at fast rate. On the other hand, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard to connect to your iPad, which can bear extreme pressures without giving too many typing errors. The touch cover keyboard of surface doesn’t come with a firm background; and this is the main reason why typing becomes cumbersome. Additionally, the feature of using the keyboard as a cover is fascinating. This facility is not available in apple iPad.

e.) Microsoft surface comes installed with Windows RT, a modified version of windows 8. The desktop applications have been limited, which doesn’t provide an option of trying old window applications. The operating system is very much similar to windows 8 that can confuse even the smartest of users. On the other hand, apple did a better job by blending two of its most famous iOS and OS X operating systems. Microsoft surface doesn’t allow you to play latest games and at the same time, the quality and number of applications is very low in their online application store. Unlike apple, Microsoft gives you less than 200 free games to select from their market. It is one of the major drawbacks of surface when compared to apple.

Apple working towards a super-platform composed of iOS and OS X

Apple working towards a super-platform composed of iOS and OS X

f.) Wireless printing is also attractive in surface. It gives consistently organised prints, unlike iPad, which is not a good option in this category. Additionally, Microsoft installed Xbox music technology in surface that makes it a preferable choice for group listening. iPad, on the other hand, is the best available option when it comes to personal music listening experience.

The Mature Way Of Dealing With A Bad Fight

by Ramon Henson on September 29, 2013

I don’t think there is any person who enjoys being in a middle of a bad fight. There may be some people who have the tendency to pick up a fight, but when it finally comes down to it, starting one or being in it is always something remorseful. Are you currently in a relationship with someone that you seem to always fight with? Are you working in place where heavy and unhealthy arguments seem to be encouraged? Are you always provoked to enter into a fight with someone even if it’s not your intention? Well, not one of us is immune to these kinds of situation.

Jealousy, pride, stress, anxiety, or even fear is sure triggers of a bad fight or argument. Jealousy and pride makes one envious of the achievements and success of another. Stress and anxiety tends to make you feel that you deserve the best treatment from everyone else. Fear leads you to inaction to do the right things that later turns to self-pity. If you will observe closely, the people who always engage themselves in fights are the ones that are unhappy. Their feeling of insecurity is so strong that they had to take them out on someone else. If you believe you are dealing with these kinds of people at home or at work, then heed on the following suggestions:

Keep calm; you don’t really have to always answer back. If you want to win a bad fight, you need to learn to be patient and understanding. Just because you don’t argue back doesn’t mean you are less of a person; it only means you’re more mature than that person thriving on a fight. If you remain calm and unprovoked, looking very much unaffected, the other person will have no choice but to mellow down, often times due to embarrassment.

The theory that fighting can actually be a good thing in any relationship is one that is foreign and much debated by many couples

The theory that fighting can actually be a good thing in any relationship is one that is foreign and much debated by many couples

Understand where the person who argues with you is coming from. A lot of times a person starts a fight or argument not because he is mad at you in particular. That person may be harboring an unresolved problem that is why they are acting up. A lot of times they may be unaware of it. By showing your patience and understanding, that person may soon realize this mistake and even open up to you for comfort and advice.

Choose the people you hang out with. People who thrive on argument for no apparent reason are toxic people. Sad to say, they are really bad choice for a company. If you are not careful enough, you may be unaware that you are starting to become the kind of person you dislike. If these people are close to you and listen to you, and if opportunity allows it, impart some kind of wisdom that will be beneficial for them. Until then, you’re better off keeping your distance.

An unfortunate philosopher and his more unfortunate interlocutor fall victim to a friendship deterrence system out of control.

An unfortunate philosopher and his more unfortunate interlocutor fall victim to a friendship deterrence system out of control.

Hurting people hurt other people”, as the famous Joyce Mayer would put it. If you already know that this is not right, then don’t allow yourself to get caught in the fight. Be the one who always understands and easy to forgive. You don’t always have to give your piece of mind. When you learn to remember this, then for sure you’ll always come out as the winner of the fight.

Fitness Hype Worldwide

by Ramon Henson on September 19, 2013

The fitness company, Cross Fit was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. A U.S. based company measuring high in the world of fitness. They have well equipped 5,500 gyms all over the world accommodating 35,000 fitness trainers. Their specialization starts with fitness and ends with fitness. Any gym or workout place is considered to be their domain. According to Greg Glassman fitness is “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. The Company’s defines fitness as constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Their spontaneous actions at workout places bring the world into one fitness community.

CrossFit, has popularized it through internet publishing many websites with free information about workout and programs, training for fitness and workout journal with added instructions. The journal is updated with new ideas and training techniques required by the fitness freaks. The creation of Sport of Fitness called the CrossFit Games, to choose the best fit Woman and Man of the world. The 2003 blog has spread the fitness madness like never before. The fitness equation instigated by Glassman has made uproar among the fitness community. The information of the movements and fitness theory with loads of data formulated by the coach has initiated a fitness revolution among the gyms.

CrossFit is an intense exercise program comprised of different plyometric exercises along with olympic lifts

CrossFit is an intense exercise program comprised of different plyometric exercises along with olympic lifts

Programs for Fitness

The trainers of CrossFit believe in physical hard work. Their workouts have duration of 20 minutes with intense movements. A combination of movements like jumping rope, weight lifting, sprinting, rowing, weight exercises are prescribed. All the movements are a part of one hour programmed class. The hour class includes warm-up sessions, skill initiation, physical workouts or WODs and a session of stretching. Scores are allotted according to the performance progress of the individual. The programs are used by many affiliated organizations in the U.S.

The company charges organizations wanting the license of CrossFit. They acquire total wisdom to develop their own workout programs if necessary. A special Level 1 Trainer Course is formulated to assist players of weightlifting, gymnastics, power lifting, Kettlebells, running, mobility, CrossFit Kids and CrossFit football. Different programs have also been made for pregnant women, armed forces and senior citizens.

The CrossFit Games

Since 2007 the CrossFit Games have been a highlight of the fitness community. Surprise games are organized for the competitors like, softball throw or rough-water swim. The games test the stamina and strength of the competitors. Upon which they are scored and rated. The prize and sponsorship money have increased over the years. In the CrossFit Open for athletes, a new physical workout is given every week. Athletes from all over the world participate in this Open game.

Intro sessions prepare students for open group classes, which present a new workout each day to develop overall fitness

Intro sessions prepare students for open group classes, which present a new workout each day to develop overall fitness


The various publications of CrossFit are through the internet and journals. They publish under the names of,, and They are no less in providing education for the people. They provide special care for movements, fitness and nutrition. Every workout in their program starts with education. They believe in imparting complete knowledge about fitness and work regime. Their stringent belief in theory of efficiency and safety depends upon following the feedbacks and criticisms on the internet.

The overall fitness community of CrossFit is a responsible organization employing the best coaches and trainers of the world. The driven force behind their success is their acceptance of free speech from their students. They initialize work beyond their capacity. In short, CrossFit , is simply stated as ‘sport of fitness’.

Shopping for Mortgage: How To’s

by Ramon Henson on September 10, 2013

Is this your first time to apply for mortgage? If this is, chances are you are experiencing what other borrowers dread in looking for the best financial company to borrow money from – sorting through numerous banks and lending institutions. When borrowing large sums of money, you want to make sure you have gone through the right process of selection, as there are countless stories of homeowners being taken advantage by their lending institutions and end up in a mortgage plan that is not of their original intent. Banks, credit unions and other types of lending institutions will welcome your business with open arms, but you cannot expect them to protect your interest first above their own. They have a business to run and profits to gain. If you keep this in mind, you will not be pressured to take on a mortgage agreement that you don’t fully understand.

Here are just a few tips on how to shop for a good mortgage deal:

#1 – Decide on what you can only afford to take and pay. Oftentimes, being eligible for loan makes people too excited to push the envelope. They forget that a mortgage is a long term loan that must be paid regularly without fail. This loan period could range from 10 to 15 or even 20 years. By not taking into consideration other important financial matters that may happen during this period of time, the mortgage may be at risk of default. For instance, if you started out a loan right away being married and in the time forward you decided to raise a family, the cost of having children alongside paying your mortgage may put pressure on your finances. Your job security over the long term should also be part of your consideration.

Learn about your Mortgage Needs.

Learn about your Mortgage Needs.

#2 – Talk to your real estate broker and ask for referrals on good lenders. Most real estate developers have wide contacts with lending institutions. Ask for advice on the expected rate for the amount and term of loan you wish to take. This information will be your good starting point.

#3 – Head on the internet. If interest rate is your topmost consideration, try doing your research online. is one good website that has banks and lenders listed there with corresponding rates. Starting your research this way will save you tons of time and energy; plus you will not be pressured to listen right away to some sales pitch from an officer in charge of loans.

Shop around for the best mortgage rate

Shop around for the best mortgage rate

#4 – Now that you’ve pre-selected your lender based on the rate you want, it’s now time to hit the road. Meeting your lender may feel intimidating at first. If you feel this way, just remember that you are offering them a business that they will profit from for a long time. That said, consider a lender that will provide you with care and sincere attention, and willing to work something out to fit into your current need.

How To Deal With A Difficult Employee In A Comprehensive Manner

by Ramon Henson on September 1, 2013

You spent extravagantly on hiring the most talented, motivated and proficient employees for your company by visiting almost every secluded corner of the world, but unfortunately, sometimes you end up recruiting unethical and immoral people who are only concerned about the payroll; and not work. These disruptive employees usually try to imbalance the legitimate conduct of your company by criticizing the policies or practices. There are times when you hear complaints about them regarding backstabbing the fellow employees through crooked means. However, it is not difficult to deal with the negativity that these shrewd employees tend to transmit at every junction of your office room. Below is a list of steps to take for dealing with bad employees:

a.) Scrutinize their behavior – It is very important to carefully scrutinize their behavior before deciding to take any strict action against them. You can ask the fellow employees for a detailed feedback on their code of conduct at work. It will be a risky affair if you would rely only on one single person for feedback. Instead, ask almost every person related or unrelated to them, say for instance, ask their immediate supervisor on how carefully and seriously they are committing to the work; ask their peers on how they regard their company and other employees; ask the peons or workers on how they converse with juniors. It will make things simpler for you at a later stage. Most important, despite all the reviews and feedbacks, you should not make a final decision in a hasty manner. The next step will make things more clear.

Dismissing an employee for “incompatibility” – it can be done

Dismissing an employee for “incompatibility” – it can be done

b.) Discuss the matter with them – Once you have found out that they are more like a nuisance for your organization, you should discuss the matter with them in a calm and composed manner. You should give them a chance to speak; and tell them clearly in an honest tone that their behavior doesn’t suit the requirements of your company. You should show empathy towards their personal issues, if any, but you should be strong enough to make them realize their mistake. A verbal warning in the end of conversation along with a signed document regarding this argument can help a great deal in improving their demeanor.

c.) Warn them in writing – After they fail to comply with your advice, you should immediately send a written warning in which you should mention the possibility of strict actions if they don’t improve their attitude. You should try your level best to eliminate the behavioral problems from them. And at the same time, you have to exhibit strict attitude towards their day to day bad habits. If needed, ask the HR representative to give them the final warning.

Deal With A Difficult Employee In A Comprehensive Manner

Deal With A Difficult Employee In A Comprehensive Manner

d.) Suspension is the last alternative- After two or three written warning statements, you should throw out such a disturbing personality from your organization without a pinch of hesitation. You should straightaway ask the HR representative to follow the necessary procedure that leads to termination of contract or job. It is the only final solution to never ending dispute.